Gastronomic tourism in Lisbon
Gastronomic tourism in Lisbon

It is not a secret that Portugal is the favourite destiny for the lovers of good food. Every year, thousands and thousands of tourists arrives from all of the parts of the country to taste variety of dishes that includes meat recipes, convent sweets and the many ways of eat cod.

Lisbon is not an exception in this tasty tour. In Lisbon, like it is the capital, you will find an example of recipes of all of the country, with many houses that represent different regions of Portugal and where you can eat well by a cheap price. For that reason, we have prepared a small route to discover the city by food:

First stop: An appetizer

Every meal deserves an appetizer. Anywhere in downtown Lisbon you will find a big offer of places where eat typical delicacies of the country. Taste the varieties of cheeses and jams accompanied by Porto wine. Remember that Portugal is a country rich in cheese production, especially in the Azores and Serra da Estrela

Second stop: the main course

In the Alfama area you will find a lot of places with national recipes and traditional Portuguese dishes in its menu. Do not forget to taste the famous bolinhos de bacalhau, wet rice with tomato or the different recipes of cod; but if you are not a fish lover, you will find other choices like chickpeas and bifanas.

To finish: A good dessert

Portugal is one of the countries with more history in the coffee consumption and known for its famous espresso. You can drink it accompanied by one of the sweets most famous in the capital: pastéis de Belém. Also, you cannot miss taste the ginginha served in a chocolate glass which you can find in all of the bars of Barrio Alto. Remember that there are many gastronomic tours on Lisbon that you can book during you stay to taste all the delicious dishes that Portugal offers to its visitors.